The Diet Effect : Why we want things we don’t need

Why we want things we don’t need: The Diet Effect 

Why we want things we don’t need

Why we want things we don’t need: Try our product if you want to lose 10 kg in 10 days? Or do you want to gain 10 kg of lean muscle in a month? Maybe you want to build up your body’s immunity after a lifetime of neglect?

Or probably you want to be able to run like a marathoner in a guaranteed time of 6 months?

You do realize what’s common in the premise of the above statements, don’t you? It is the false promise of there being a one-stop solution to address various kinds of physiological shortcomings.

It’s not as if issues like these are incapable of being treated; however to be at the whims of a supposed magic pill of sorts like a genie in a bottle, is where people go wrong.

Hence the title-“Why we want things we don’t need”:

In context of health and fitness, all that we seek to achieve is doable. Everything, as long as there is certain effort and determination involved. Enough to make one form a habit out of it.

That’s the surest way to achieving what you’ve set your mind to, because as they say ‘old habits die hard’. Let’s take this in a sense that is beneficial to us, shall we?

Let’s make ourselves adapt habits that bring out the best in us and help us move closer towards our physiological goals.

What to do:

If it were that easy to, say for example- build a 6-pack for the summer vacations in a matter of weeks just by relying on say, a keto diet or vegan diet or liquid diet; wouldn’t anyone with the knowledge be able to achieve it?

The point I’m trying to make is not that one should be against marketed health products or to go fully natural in their approach; but that having an extensive idea of what would work best for you should be present. Hence one should know what to do.

Keep in mind that one should also be aware of what not to do. One should identify and differentiate between the things our body needs and what our body wants.

Now, if you draw a vein diagram representing these two, you would observe that there is a middle intersecting area that comprises of stuff that are both- ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and eliminate the consumption of just ‘wants’.

The idea is to start with incorporating this stuff in your diet, and then move on to just the ‘needs’. This would be the first step.

How to do:

Now that you know what to do, knowing how to do it is the next definite step. This includes researching on the process that you should follow to move closer towards your goal.

Say, if you want to lose 5 kg of weight to fit into that pretty dress for your college farewell. You obviously know it won’t just disappear if you wish it so. Hence you need to have a step by step plan ready for the coming week before the event.

Reading about the foods that would aid fat loss, while also maintaining appropriate carbohydrate levels and not just starving oneself, is essential for a natural and effective process.

The key takeaway from this is that knowledge is needed to equip oneself, and not just blind belief in whatever some supposed expert says.

There are plenty of so-called fat loss pills and powders available these days, but knowing if you need to utilize them and to what extent is advisable. Only then will you be able to move steadily towards your fitness goals.

Want to do:

The last step is the most important one. There has to be a burning desire towards your aim, without which the previous 2 steps won’t be of any use.

The inner ‘want’ should be such that it drives you and motivates you even when things don’t seem well.

Suppose you have to participate in a swimming competition in a couple of weeks and you’ve followed through the ‘what to do’ & ‘how to do’ for the initial weeks.

However there may have been a certain event or emergency because of which you had to miss a few days of practice.

positive part of depression

And upon resuming you doubt if you’d be able to prove yourself at the competition. It is then that you need to invoke that burning desire because of which you worked so hard.

At that point, even if the already gigantic calorie intake of swimmers was difficult enough to follow; if you manage to exponentially increase it and make it translate into higher energy output in the laps, victory would be yours.


Thus we see that in a world dominated by corporations trying to make you eat stuff that you don’t need to, a judicious mix of the aforementioned 3 principles is needed.

Most people fall into the trap of mass convincing that a certain food is good for you even when it is not, while ignoring certain food items that may be more beneficial for them.

It is our duty as aware and progressive individuals to see through the farce and be smarter in the choices we make. So this was an attempt to strengthen your mental capability to be able to make conscious decisions regarding dietary needs.

Hope this was useful because after all, a healthy mind make the healthy body!

-Shikhar Singh Negi

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