Positive Part of Depression! An Experience of a Brave Girl

As we all know only the negative side of depression but today we will walk through the positive part of depression and it’s really going to teach you a lot.

And give you lots of motivation to get out of depression.

positive part of depression

“Depression is feeling of being depressed since whatever we think about it is its negative prospective.”

It can be removed from a person if and only if he could feel normal and can see positive future after depression. I have tried my best to perceive productive results of depression.

Let’s have a look on it.

 “Depression is temporary mental disorder.”

The word ‘temporary’ give relief when patient under depression thinks about ultimate result of his suffering.

And It can be encountered that depression can lead to positive changes at two levels: individual level and mass level although individual level changes is more prominent.

Individual level changes include changes in ourselves. It would teach one to be strong, positive and confident in both personal and professional life.

Followings are the positive part of depression at individual level that will help one to drive out of it:

Emotional Strength

“It should be seen as precious and abstract resource for humans that gives comfortability in ourselves”.

  • It is indispensable requirement which can only be acquired through personal experience revealing our ability to handle any type mental pressure in forthcoming future.
  • Emotionally strong people tend to see larger perspective in challenging situation and are more adaptable to change.
  • They are ready to deal with problems of daily life more positively than normal people. Their ability to learn from worse situations gets empowered.

Interactive Nature

Depression demonstrates the need to interact with people. In order to feel normal depressed person sometimes tries look into life of others to match his situation.

This makes him personally interactive and allows one to share his problems which ultimately give him good feelings.

depression in studetns

Listening, Understanding and Helping:

  • Depression makes our understanding towards others. One finds himself capable of understanding problems of others too.
  • Understanding one’s problem requires listening it. We always wish to be listened. In whole journey of overcoming depression we learnt to listen too for it is another way to indulge in other activities.
  • Helping others may be seen as feeling less alone.

Now, let’s see how depression led to positive changes at mass level:

Social changes:

There were political leaders and others geniuses who faced depression and brought changes at large scale. Notable examples are:

  • ABRAHAM LINCOLN, author of poem: “The Suicide’s Soliloquy” led his nation during American Civil War.
  • WINSTON CHURCHILL, former British prime minister said, “for two or three years, the light faded from the picture. I did my work. I sat in the House of Commons. But a black depression settled on me”.
  • Norwegian artist EDWARD MUNCH suffered from clinical anxiety and hallucinations.
  • Roman emperor JULIUS CAESAR suffered from epilepsy.


It is scientifically proved that people with higher IQ tends to suffer more mental disorders than a general person.

One should be inspired by knowing names of famous scientists who had faced depression and done successful inventions. Let’s have a look on below names to be familiar with such persons.

  • CHARLES DARWIN suffered agoraphobia, explain theory of evolution by natural selection in his famous book ‘Origin of species’.
  • Serbian inventor NICOLA TESLA suffered from severe obsessive-compulsive disorder throughout his adult life.
  • Writers and medical journals have suggested that English scientist ISAAC NEWTON suffered from bipolar disorder.

Environmental depression as cause of depression:

Studies are still underway to find exact relationships between depression and environment.

Environmental changes like water, air and noise pollution, electrical pollution, inorganic production are pushing us towards discontent and stressed life.

Instead of being depressed of social and relationships cause, one may perceive cause of depression to be environmental.

It would help one to divert by assuming cause of his depression to be environmental instead of being social and relational.

And We should think for remedies of environmental cause. Prevention of such problems would bring universally acceptable change in surroundings.

reprogram your subconscious mind


I am trying to enlighten beneficial part of depression which act as a hope for depressed person. For this, I have taken examples of great contributors who faced mental disorder.

And I have also tried to relate cause of depression to be environmental so that it could lead to a better results in future for you.


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