Ketogenic diet : An Eye Opening Explanation And Full Guidance

ABC OF Ketogenic Diet –

Ketogenic Diet

As we are technologically progressing in leaps and bounds we have the weakest, obese and sickest generation ever.

so one revolution which is very much vogue these days is the “keto revolution”.

To understand it in depth we have to understand the following concepts-

  • what is ketosis?
  • what is a ketogenic diet?
  • How does a ketogenic diet work?
  • what is ketogenic flu?
  • Pros and cons of a ketogenic diet?
  • How long to stay on a keto?
  • Points to be considered while on a keto?

What is Ketosis-

Human physiology is designed in a way to work on two fuels, one is the glucose which comes from carbohydrates and the other one is ketones which come from fats. so particularly in a keto diet, we limit our carbohydrates into a minimal (less than 50g/day) which results in our body to go on a survival mode and survive mainly on ketones which are coming from fats.

The process of transforming the body’s mechanism to survive on ketones is called ketosis. Summing up the state in which fat is converted into

fuel for body functioning is called &quot “ketosis”

What is Ketogenic Diet-

The regular or normal diet we eat is high in carbohydrate and low on proteins and fat whereas a ketogenic diet has following macros-

70% fat, 5%fat, 25% protein so in a way avoiding all carbohydrates products like roti, rice, pasta, sugar ,bread, candies, fruits and all kind of processed and junk foods and including more of eggs, chicken, fish,beef, cottage cheese, low carb veggies, seeds, nuts, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil etc.

How Does a Ketogenic Diet Work?

on a normal process, we eat more of carbohydrate which converts into glucose. This glucose serves as a fuel for all body functioning and excess of it is stored as fat.

Ketogenic Diet

But on a ketogenic diet, we take more of fats which get converted into ketones in the liver, and ketones thereby serve as a fuel for all body functioning.

So, this diet is a "magical diet" to reduce body fat, the particularly visceral fat that means in a way body becomes a fat burning machine.

What is Keto Flu?

while going on ketosis our body goes on a metabolic shift so we may feel a bit dizzy, nauseatic, carb starve, fatigue etc for a few days. This is called keto flu. but we need not have to bother by the same as these symptoms are relieved as time progresses.

The ketogenic diet is first used in 1920 to treat epilepsy, seizures and type 2 diabetes to check whether we have ketosis or not. We can use the urine strips available in the market to measure ketosis.

Pros of a Ketogenic Diet-

1) Ketogenic diet offers us a rapid fat loss as while on ketogenic diet our body becomes a fat burning machine.

2)The ketogenic diet is super satisfying as compared to fat and restricted diets. We don’t feel hungry much in this diet.

3)The ketogenic diet is anti-inflammatory.

4)The ketogenic diet is anti-cancerous, as we know cancer cells usually survive on glucose, which is restricted in this diet.

5)Keto diet helps increase the mental focus as our brain cells love to thrive on ketones.

6)It is highly recommended for people with type 1 and type 2: diabetes as it keeps the insulin at a check and keeps the blood sugar level low.

7)It works wonders for people with seizure, epilepsy,dimentia etc as ketones are much cleaner fuels to the brain.

Cons of a Ketogenic Diet-

1) Ketogenic diet offers us a less variety as we need to restrict on most carbohydrate like bread, roti,bacon, pasta and rice.

2)Keto diet is boring and monotonous as we have limited food choices.

3)Keto diet gives us fewer choices to socialise as mostly we socialise while having a drink and dine.

4)Eating out on a keto diet is a bit difficult as we usually don’t know about the hidden carbohydrate rates in the food offered at the restaurant.

5)Keto diet is a bit difficult to follow as compared to other prevalent fat loss diets as we need to monitor on a regular basis whether our body is staying in ketosis or it has moved out.

6)On a ketogenic diet, we are mostly constipated due to consumption of fat as the main food product. So we need to be extra cautious for taking our fibres regularly.

7)Keto diet is difficult to be chosen as by those whose eating lifestyle mainly consists of fruits and dairy.

How Long to Stay on a Keto-

Ketogenic Diet

It takes a lot of patience and practice to stay on a ketogenic diet. One school of thought says that if we have a certain weight loss goal to achieve than probably we can adopt a ketogenic diet for 90 days period and see the results and proceed with it as our body response.

And the second school of thought says that it can be adopted as a lifestyle since cavemen days human were thriving on a keto diet, so our body can happily stay on a ketogenic diet as ketones are much cleaner fuels.

Also nowadays people cycle ketosis which means bringing the body into clinical ketosis for a period of around two weeks and then after that following a keto diet every 2-3 days a month for rest of the day a low carb cycle diet can be adopted.

Key Considering Points While on Ketosis-

  1. 5-6 litres of water has to be consumed on a daily basis.
  2. ample amount of fibres has to be included in the diet to avoid constipation.
  3. psyllium husk has to be added to the diet to ease the gut.
  4. multivitamins and multimineral supplement also can be added to the diet.
  5. people with diabetes should remain aware that their body is not going into ketosis

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