How To Get Over The Depression After Divorce !

This is a personal story of friends of mine mother and very inspiring for How To Get Out Of Depression After Divorce..

Ariba, a close friend of my mother, got divorced after few days of marriage. As her husband moved on for another woman.

After divorce she was incredibly lonely. She called my mother talking about the condition she was suffering from. She told my mother that she was finding it hard to continue her life.

She knew that it was painful to live in such culture where embracing a divorced woman is not normal. Ariba was suffering from a mental trauma that she had come to a stage where she thought to kill herself.

Such condition of her was just because of her loneliness. Once she told my mom that she would be very thrilled if she had a chance to meet other women in such transitions.

Therefore my mother took her to a NGO where divorced women used to explore their talents as well as earn their livelihood. At that time she got too thrilled and full of enthusiasm. And she spent a very good time there and left for her home.

But after a few days she again was in her intense loneliness. This is what I called depression that ensues again and again if he/she is not mentally strong. Depression is the main key to the lack of confidence, anxiety and trepidation.

Due to depression after divorce Ariba lost her friends, relatives and her other contacts too.

Though we are living in 21st century, yet there is still such myth that couple or, married individuals should not undoubtedly want to hang out with divorced individuals.

This stigma is still continuing in our culture. For Ariba her divorce was the most breaking incidence of her life. She wanted to overcome the depression after divorce to live her life with all that zeal that a normal person does.

A divorce is the most heart breaking, stressful and too emotional experience for one who is suffering from it.

Because whatever be the reason or whatever be the story behind. But it can ruin the whole life of a person.

Sometimes divorce is the main reason behind one’s painful, regretful and some unsettling emotions. During the pain of losing relationship, one may pass through anxiety, confusion and fearful isolation for the future.

While passing through these conditions you can get out the depression doing plenty of things and can move on in your life with a new you.

How You Can Deal With Depression After Divorce ??

How To Get Over The Depression After Divorce

Below the few tips and from my personal experience for that will help you a lot if you are phasing the problem of divorce…

• Why The Divorce Affects Someone’s Life

Divorce, a painful experience, affects someone’s life too deep whether the relationship remains for a very short term or remains for years. It can be extremely painful as a divorce is the symbol of loss of the partnership and most important dreams and commitments.

Most of the relationships start with full excitement, attachment and care. But when it ends, it seems to be the greatest loss ever.

As it contains disappointments, relationship failures, end of commitments and stressful agony. Divorce takes you to another level of life where you can’t even think of get out of it.

• First To Control Your Emotion

In this duration your thinking capacity comes to an end. What will be the rest of your life without your partner, will you end up with grief and loneliness. And these kind of things will get into your mind and you will become more and more depressed.

This pain, uncertainty and disruption means that overcoming from divorce can be difficult and can take time. It depends on you to keep reminding yourself that you can and will get through the difficult experience and overcome your depression.

And you can move on with your life with full enthusiasm and full power. So it’s your need to control yourself and your emotions first. And to overcome your agony and do something for yourself.

• Have A Break

After divorce everyone seems to be the same for the whole life. And makes himself or herself a hard nut to crack. But you must think that you are not any superhero with supernatural powers .You are human and humans need time to overcome their emotions.

So first of all you must give time to yourself and your needs so that you can learn how to live for yourself neither for your partner nor anyone else.

• Allow Yourself Not To Go Through This Alone

As everyone thinks that he or she is the strongest person and can handle all his/her problems alone. But he generally forgets that sharing heals one’s pain.

During this suffocation you must share your feelings, grief, agony and your situation to someone. Even if that person can nothing for you. You will feel lighter and think about yourself.

• Don’t Confine Your Feelings

It’s life and consequences are the part of life. It’s good for us to accept it as soon as possible. You should not control your emotions in front of others.

Even you should start to share your feelings to others. They will not only listen to you but try to make you feel better also.

•Remind Yourself That This Is Not The End Of Life. This Is Just The End Of A Relationships And Still You Have A Future

As we know during the time of divorce one goes through various type of emotions. Most of the people think that this is the end of his/her life.

Once you get it as just the end of a Relationship, it will be good for you to make it easier to get over the depression and you can try your best to make a better future.

Sometimes it is best to allow yourself to grieve in the ways that comes naturally to you. Usually time passes and life comes to its way again and intensity of loss retreats.

It is not possible to overcome from the loss of your marriage in a month or some weeks. It depends on you how long you will take to come out of this loneliness.

Once you decide to move on with your life, no one can stop you because grieving process loses steam and more energy becomes available for moving on with life.

Now Its your turn to speak out in the comment section..

And share this knowledge via Social Media so that everyone take advantages from it. And can able to fight with the depression after divorce.

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