A Definite Guide To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection (2019)

Fear of rejection can be in dating, in relationship, in marriage , in job interview etc. Whatever you have the fear that you could be rejected, is possible to overcome it.

What is Fear of Rejection?

Let’s think about rejection. Do you get shivered? Then yes, you are going through the fear of rejection. The biggest part of our fear of rejection is fear of experiencing hurt and pain. As a human being we wish to be accepted and wanted. That is why It hurts to be rejected. On a definite level fear of rejection confirms our biggest fear.

What Are We Really Afraid of?

We really need to find what we are really afraid of. Rejection undermines your confidence and makes you doubt your worth. Whether you experience it a lot or once or twice, rejection leaves a deep impact on your future decisions.
This fear of rejection can even make you stop trying to achieve your future goals. This fear of rejection can makes you feel worse about yourself.

You can lose your confidence and doubt yourself even for trying new things. The rejection can make you forget that everyone is unique in this world and everyone has his own worthiness.

Circumstances where you may feel fear of rejection:

Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

There are many different consequences in different contexts that make us feel the fear of rejection. It is up to us which type of circumstances we have faced and how that experience can help us better to heal ourselves.
Here are the most common circumstances that make you feel fear of rejection.

• Work

Your work place is the most definite place where you feel this fear of rejection. Most of the time when you face rejection for your promotion or don’t get important responsibilities to handle by yourself, you can start doubt you worthiness.

Even when you feel that you can’t fit in with your colleagues and they don’t like you, then you will face a fear to be rejected among them. Perhaps you may feel that they don’t like to talk to you and don’t invite you to spend time with them.

• Relationships

Relationships are quite enough to make you feel the fear of rejection. If you like someone or in a romantic relationship and you are facing rejection, then dealing with this type of romantic rejection is quite tough.

Whether you struggle with how to deal with rejection from a woman or a guy, the feelings and pain are same. You may definitely feel undesirable and pessimistic about finding true love.

• Friendship

You may feel rejected when it is starting of your friendship and you are being an object to criticize. When it seems that you are keener than the other person, you might feel rejected.

If you are going through long term friendships, you may feel like your friends are using you for their shakes or taking advantages of yours without reciprocity.

Even if you are going through a long distance friendship, perhaps this kind of friendship can make you feel rejected by your long distant friend. You may feel that your friends are ignoring you as you are not so important for them now as you used to be.

How to overcome the fear of rejection:

Overcome The Fear Of Rejection

The fear of rejection is the most powerful fear that often has far-reaching impact on our lives. This fear leaves an impact on your ability to succeed in a wide range of personal and professional situations.

However, it is possible to overcome the fear of rejection and develop a healthier level of self-confidence. Whether you are dealing with a fear of rejection in relationships, in your career or in your friendship.

Here are some ways that you can use to move forward. Keep reading to discover how to overcome the fear of rejection and improve your self-esteem.

• Reject the assumption that you will be rejected everywhere

If you are being rejected twice or more, you make a false assumption that you will be rejected everywhere and you are not worthy to do anything.

You need to bring your confidence back by forgetting this assumption and fight for yourself as these kind of assumptions make you feel worthless. So start battling this self-fulfilling assumption by deliberately looking for signs of acceptance.

• Focus on what you want to be

Sometimes due to this fear of rejection you can’t focus on your goals. You may forget what you want to be. You will be much more successful if you flip your goal into a positive.

• Embrace yourself

Start accepting rejections and make yourself confidant enough to accept whatever the result is. Start to question yourself whether you will do well or not. Accept that all possibilities are open-good or not so good and tell yourself that you’re capable of handling both.

• Always remember that you will survive

For getting over rejection you need to learn to see the rejection differently. No particular rejection is end of the world to you. Take the rejection in a positive way and work harder to get over this.

You must realize that you are strong enough to survive the end of a relationship, or a job or a friendship that no longer fits.

• Construct a narrative

In order to improve your self-confidence after rejection you must need to learn where the lack has begun. This learning how to improve your confidence and prodcutivity is important to overcome this fear.

So these are some techniques through which you can overcome the fear of rejection. Always remember that all great musicians, novelists and artists have been rejected at some point.
When you get rejected, you probably assume that this is shameful to be rejected. But think about others who have been rejected for several times.

If you want to get over this, you must follow these techniques and try to face rejection in a different way. Sometimes handle it in a positive manner.
“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.”

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