How Guava fruit will help you to conquer Depression

Why I choose Guava and How Guava fruit can help to cure Depression and become more productive throughout the life.

Nowadays, depression had become a common problem for teenage and they lose their patience by mentally and emotionally both.

Lack of nutrition in body is one of the main cause of all causes.

Due to bad habit of eating junk food in other words nutrition free food is the cause of nutrition lack in the body, it’s bit longer topic.

Here we discuss Guava fruit and Depression and what nutrition Guava fruit has that can stop the depression.

Guava fruit and Depression:

Let me explain first which nutrition deficiency causes Depression. Here the three main nutrition that is necessary for a human to cure depression..

  1. Phosphorous 
  2. Calcium
  3. Iron

When these three element become deficient in body, then it will directly affect your mental health along with their physical issues.

Guava fruit can be used to eat in different different forms like Guava jelly, Guava candy, Guava juice, Guava paste and many more. One can directly consume it, Even Guava leaf is also helps to cure stress and depression and also helpful in the constipation relief.

guava tree leaf

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Take 10 to 15 guava tree leaf and boiled it with fresh water until the water level become half of the initial water level. It’s Guava leaf tea, take it in morning and help yourself to reduce depression and stress for the whole day.

Guava is a delicious and sweet tropical fruit and It is largely produce in India, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. Best way to eat Guava is, take fresh and consume it as raw before afternoon.

How & When To Eat Guava:

When you consume it before midday it will digest completely and when you will eat it afternoon it’ll digest half therefore better to eat it before noon.

According to Indian Ayurvedic scripture all fruits should be eaten before midday. 

Guava have all nutrition in other words ‘Three pack in one”.Not only these three nutrition , Guava has bunch of nutrition ,fiber and other substances that act like an Antioxidant.

Now, you can imagine Guava is not only fruit but it is a pack of all essential nutrition that can help you to increase energy, relax the nerves and decrease the stress hormones in the human body.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Guava Nutrition Fact for Depression and other Disease Also..

It is the powerhouse of nutrient and minerals. Guava is the great source of Calcium, Phosphorous, Iron, Potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and Vitamin A. It also contains vitamin E & B6 and many more minerals.

That is why, I called it is a natural pack of all essential nutrition and minerals that human needs to Cure Depression and Anxiety without any side effect.

Guava cure depression along with other disease Constipation relief, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Cough & cold, High cholesterol, Heart disease, Pain, Weight loss and other conditions.

So, Start eating Guava and say no to Depression and other disease also. One more fact is that Guava is the Apple for poor people but I think it is better than Apple because it is feasible and affordable for all people including poorest one.


Guava fruit really my favorite fruit personally. It is very nutrition rich, healthy and digestive.Every one can take benefit from it.

When I be with my friends in market, i told him look there is three pack in one fruit. And they really enjoy like me and i am sure you will enjoy too.

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Thank You for Your Patience..

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