Depression in Students Life, an Ultimate Explanation

Depression in students life is very obvious thing. how? Read the below points.

Depression is nothing but the state of mind where we think more and more about specific problem and couldn’t find solution for same.

student depression

Problem can be anything. For students it is related to there competency to achieve their goal. Everyone has potential. But only few became successful. Almost every struggling student has faced depression at specific stage of his student life.

Reasons for such struggles are lack of proper counselor. Here counselor can be teacher, friend , parents or the one who can be trusted to share problem at every level of self.

Else way, we may define depression as:
“ Collections of misconceptions and beliefs that later turns into misery.”

To bring it to light, let’s now understand how this misconceptions and wrong beliefs affect us

  • Many times it happens that when we are stressed not doing better in our field of work, our colleague or someone close to us comments harshly. This is done impulsively. But our unclear and immature mind sometimes sticks to this and leave a negative impact on us.
  • Wrong assumptions to understand reasons of failure also give birth to wrong beliefs in our puerile mind. This has long lasting infect on students.
  • Comparisons blunder that every student do at least once. Everyone has its own strategies. But unplanned mind of students is unable to understand this and try to copy others. This again create beliefs leading to dissatisfaction. Lack of right understanding is massive problem.

Why does introspection give birth to depression in students?

A student life face questions whose answer he try to find in himself. If he trusts on someone to share his issue then its good. But instead of having good people around himself sometimes it happens that he is not that much mature to find trustworthy person.

depression in studetns

Sometimes due to over expectations of his well-wishers, sometimes due to his introversion and sometimes due to absence of good mentor, he couldn’t share his problems.

Let’s enlighten the frame of depression in students:

The foremost job of counselor is to understand the patient. He sees his problems as non understandable. He believes that he is only one who is facing such situation.

The one who couldn’t be himself becomes irritating and boring to others. He is surrounded by oceans of negativity. His beliefs get badly affected.

Sometimes , he believes in something but things that are happening does not match that beliefs . This leads to stress and dissatisfaction in oneself.

How to conquer depression?

  • Try to work on beliefs of patient. It is belief that matter. What one does and what one think does all depend on beliefs one have. Depression is the period when one hates his/ her state of life. One finds no reason to love himself. What helps him to be alive is ray of positive belief from his earlier life. So what we need to do is to strengthen that belief and change his prospective of thinking.
  • Change of living place changes people around us. Patient need to explore others to feel his normal life. He doesn’t need answer to his problems by others. He need a positive belief to feel his competency to find answer himself.
  • Being consistent with goal during period of depression is necessary. Any cutback in his daily work can weaken his confidence. He needs to be in harmony constantly at all level.
  •  Start enjoying the things. Start this by doing things that give him a little pleasure. Being a little selfish can work here.
  •  Importantly, patient need to think about his own happiness without bothering what others think about him. Thinking about himself is sometimes sign of living for himself. This may increase confidence.

depression in students life

That’s it for this post. Depression in students life is very critical but easy to handle it and get more productive using above mentioned points in day to day of any student life.

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