2 Stunning Beautiful Yoga Posture To Cure Depression quickly

When I was in my early 18’s and I had often sense a dark sky of depression get off over me. A bad mood disrupt my whole day even few weeks.

Once the depression began and became so serious that I had to quite my work but I knew there had to be a better way to overcome depression but i wasn’t sure what it was.

I felt alone in the world and I don’t know where should I go and what could be the possible solution for this horrible depression.

Everything got changed when I started learning and practicing yoga.

My interest is increasing day to day in yoga and learned many yoga posture from yoga teacher Amit bhai.

from that first class of yoga and it’s opening my heart up in Setubandhasana (bridge pose) and allowing myself to rest deeply in Shavasana.

In other words , I totally experienced new thing in my whole life.

During Reading text book of Ayurveda self and started learning yoga from Amit bhai yoga guru .

Now i am going to tell you the exact yoga posture that heal me from depression and i believe that it will help you too.

Here the Yoga posture for home or office practice when you depressed or feeling down..

Tadasana ( Mountain pose with arms overhead )

arems over head

  • Stand like a pole and lift up through the legs and put your all weight on toes.
  • Take deep breath and stretch your arms over head
  • lighten and repeat for five minutes

Why Tadasana? It’s good warmup posture and it will stretch the whole body from toe to head.

And will help stabilize the system and finally overcome the mental tiredness.

Shavasana ( Corpse pose )


  • lie flat on your back on yoga mat. Close your eyes and let free your all body parts.
  • keep legs comfortable apart and let your knee and feet relax absolutely.
  • keep breathing without any hassle.

Continue for 5 minutes ..

Why Shavasana? This Asana is made for mental health only hence stress and depression can be cured easily by doing it.

And it will relax you by mentally in other words will overcome stress depression and made you able to focus on your work.

Now you know how to relate depression and yoga that cured stress and depression both.

thank you for your attention.

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  1. Fodie says:

    Correct Bro Yoga is the most effective way to get out of depression easily and Ur story matches with me also, Now i have solution thank U sir

  2. Snow Gill says:

    Sir , Second tips is really too Effective and very useful to get instant free from stress ..

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