Top 3 Ultimate Ways to Open Beyond the Ego of Small Mind

So I am going to share with you 3 ways to open the self-concern or ego of small mind. Great, Most of the time, we are stuck up in that we can be called it “small mind”.

The small world of self-concern that is ego, of wanting to get what we want and avoid what we don’t want.

This is the cause of our suffering.

Always running to distraction, procrastinating, caught up in worries and fears.

Worried about what people think of us, what we’re missing, what someone did to offend us, and so on.

It’s a small world we get trapped in, this worrying about ourselves all the time.

And it leads to stress, depression, hurt, anger, worry, fear, anxiety and distraction and lots of mental diseases takes birth in our mind.

The one and only antidote is Vast Mind.

Growing bigger than the small mind, we have habitually become stuck in.

Now Question Arises That:

What is Vast Mind?

It’s opening to something bigger than our self-concern that is egoism, opening to the freshness of the moment.

Let’s me imagine to you that there’s someone whose family member has said something insulting to them.

They immediately get caught up in small mind, thinking about how they don’t deserve to be treated this way.

That they’re a good person and this person is always being inconsiderate.

They are worried about themselves, and their world is very small and constricted.

What if instead, this person dropped their self-concern or ego that is comes in small mind.

And opened their awareness to something wider than themselves.

The experienced that moment as pure experience, and suddenly everything is open and vast.

They relax into this openness.

People might notice that this other person, whom they love, is suffering in some way.

They send this person compassion, and feel love for the person and this moment.

That’s the difference between small, constricted mind that’s full of suffering.

And vast mind that’s open, fresh, unbounded, and full of love and happiness as well.

You don’t have to take my word for it.

Here are three practices for growing from small mind to vast mind. Or,

3 Ultimate Ways to Open Beyond the Ego of Small Mind…..

1st Practice: Ego-Dropping Meditation

A great place to start is by sitting in meditation and opening your awareness and dropping the boundaries between you and everything else.Beyond the ego

Yoga and meditation is boon for the whole world and it is originated in Ancient India.

So you have a very wonderful solution for all below common problems.

Let’s consider these common problems:

  • Procrastination
  • Angry at someone
  • Worried about failing
  • Eating too much junk food
  • Not exercise much
  • Addicted bad habits
  • Too distracted
  • Anxious about social Situation

And many more problems out there that may be you are suffering from. But from now You will find the solution.

You just need to implement it only and be habitual of it.

Dropping Ego means we can serve others, push into discomfort for the benefit of those around us.

And serve a bigger mission with meaningful work with having ego. Go beyond the ego.

So how can we drop this self-concern or ego that we might have….

The answer lies in mindfulness practices. I’m going to share with you few bullets points that you need to follow and I encourage you to practice it.

Here the points that will help you a lot:

  • Sit still and notice how your body feels.
  • When your mind wanders, bring it back to present
  • Open your awareness to sensation around you
  • Drop your sense of your separation
  • Notice there is no self—Just sensation
  • From this open awareness, open your heart

It takes practice, so don’t get discouraged. Even everyone need practice to achieved it.

The idea is that we practice dropping into a relaxed, open awareness, and then start to relax any boundaries we have between ourselves and all that surrounds us.

We drop the construct we’ve created that we call ourselves, and then there’ just sensation, just pure experience.

It’s a returning to wholeness. It’s a wonderful practice.

2nd Practice: Radical Not-Knowing Beyond the Ego

Most of the time, we act as if we know exactly how things are.

We don’t pay too much attention to this moment, because it’s boring to pay attention to the breath, body sensations, the sensations of everything around us.girls

Because we already know all about that!

But in fact, every moment is completely fresh, completely open, full of new possibilities to explore.

And it will be your perfect positive attitude that can change your life forever.

When we get stuck in small mind, we are in a narrow, constricted view of the world.

And it’s a hardened view — I know what I want and I just want to get it.

I know what I don’t like and I want to avoid it. It’s the hardened view of fundamental logic.

The practice of radical not-knowing is to act as if you’ve never experienced this before.

Everything is completely new to you, with no preconceptions or labels.

From when you start realizing yourself like above, the world becomes a adventure place for you and you just start living not worrying.

You look around at everything as if you’ve never seen anything like this.

It’s fresh, wondrous, breath taking.

There are no names for anything, just the pure experience.

Try walking around like that for a few minutes, and see what it’s like.

Be open and curious. And Beyond the ego of small mind..

What happens is that we become much more open to the vastness of experience.

There is no, “I want this” or “I don’t want that.” It’s just, “This is the experience I’m having right now.”

This is pure boundless awareness, and it is vast.

3rd Practice: Devotion to Others Beyond The Ego Of Small Mind

When I notice that I’ve gotten caught up in my small mind, I try to think of people other than myself.

This person is being inconsiderate because they’re suffering.

People who I love are more important than my discomfort.lovind men and women

The love I have for my family is so much bigger than my small wants.

Opening myself up to the love I have for others gets me past my small mind, and into an openness.

What would it be like to be completely devoted to other people? It’s a fresh experience, boundless and vast.

Conclusion is to learn how to move from Small Mind or Egoism to Vast Mind that is always learning mode.

These are the ultimate ways to open beyond the ego of small mind that you need to know about it.

Overall, You need to remember and practice above described three points.

Now, Its your turn to give suggestion and add more value to the article in comment box.

If you think that you can add more value then you are most welcome. Comment below.

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