Best way to overcome depression and be more productive

The Best way to overcome the depression, you will find out in the real life story that can astonished you. On 10th October, when I was in market.

While walking in the market, I see a boy selling some packaged foods and raw vegetable.

Another boy is just moving around the market and this second boy who was moving around the market is little bit upset and depressed and also smoking.

First, I went to the boy who was selling foods and vegetable and talked to him and bought needy items from his shop and asked two question later on I will in this post.

Thereafter, I went to the upset boy and I asked to him “How are you ?”

He replied “who are you? ” It’s obvious to get questioned by him because he don’t know me and I don’t know him.

Then, I introduce myself and promise him to help, so that he could get out of his unproductive lifestyle.

I asked two more question same as the first boy  and the answers is totally different .

Let discuss the answers given by both boys and i’m sure that it will rouse you.

And find out the best way to overcome depression. The questions are…

Are you happy ?

This is my first question .

First Boy answered me that , Yes I’m and upset one said that I never feel  happiness.

Even he asked more questions to me like what is happiness ? Can you please give me the definition of happiness ? blaa blaa ..

As I promised , I gave the satisfactory answers of all his question.

Rather than asking the reasons why are you not happy?

I analyzed and found that the reason of one is happy, is that he is doing his work happily and keep utilizing his time .

That is the best way to overcome depression and become more productive .

Other is killing his all time in market, gazing girls, smoking, watching porn and movies and does not have any goal in his life.

Hence, he doesn’t  associate himself with any type of creativity that is why he is depressed and upset all time.

Second question is…

Could you dare to be happy and stress free ? 

First boy answered me that I don’t have time to depressed and I never feel stress.

I always keep my self busy with customers and keep focusing on product quality so that customer of my shop never complain me.

I have family, friends and a lot of customer who come to my shop regularly and talked to me with more affection and love .

After listening this, I feel Wow and wonderful.

And when I asked same question to upset boy; he answered, fuck the depression and happiness.

I never dare to be happy in my life before because I don’t have good and supporting friends, siblings, girlfriend, money and give lot of reasons.

After listening this, I find out that his life goal is not clear and his desire for living , is on the way of death .

Life goal is the best way to overcome depression and become more productive in everyday life.”


Overall, If you want to fuck the depression and want happiness throughout the life, You should keep engaging yourself with your life goal.  

Right now, right here set your goal for your life and work for this single goal in every single time.

And Life Goal can be divided into four parts..

  • Relationship Goal
  • Financial Goal
  • Livelihood Goal
  • Health Goal

If set these four goal in life and start working on it, I can promise you that you don’t have time to be depressed and is the best way to overcome depression.

So, get ready for more productive throughout the journey of your life. Take a piece of paper and pen, Start writing your goal right now and work on it.

Thank you for your attention.

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6 Responses

  1. Kamal says:

    Absolutely right , sir
    If U r busy then U don’t have time to depress and the the way U keep yourself busy is to make goal and work on this

    • FTD Team FTD Team says:

      right Kamal , U get the essence of post..

      • Varun Gupta says:

        right sir, but i have come accrossed most of the students in my life they are depressed coz they were single and alone…they were desperate to have a GF.
        write something how one should focus on goal…merely having a goal doesn’t
        imply that they ‘ll focus on their goal and however the strength of their goal gets attenuated and they again go into depression mode.

        • FTD Team FTD Team says:

          Sure Varun , mostly people is not goal oriented that’s the biggest cause of depression
          Now it’s time to fuck the depression setting your life goal..

          • student help says:

            Sometimes people are too much depressed and they look like they are very happy in their life because of continuous depression they are habitual of it.

  2. kishan says:

    Nice article

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